Sunday, April 17, 2016

Self control

It is not easy to push yourself, to control yourself, to pick a direction and stick to it in a healthy way.

I however have found that when you stop to expect things from yourself and stop being attached to certain outcomes then and only then do wishes come true and a person truely find their own power. It is within each and everyone of us. 

Wednesday, April 13, 2016

doubts and useless feelings...

Very often we enter a trend of thought where we start judging our own actions and putting blame on either our selves or our surroundings. This to me is called true weakness of heart and mind or having too much free time on your hands.

In my humble opinion, if you have enough time to speculate upon your own actions then you are a boring person who does their best to keep the and occupied. This is simply weak behavior and the remedy is to switch to thinking about something else or to do whatever it takes short of obvious retarded actions to switch attention from B.S. thoughts to positive and productive ones!

Its easy to fall into lower vibration and allow weakness to come into the picture... but really it feels a million times better to shift attention and be in full control of your self in the most literal way!

Finally, it is useless to doubt or to worry or tow just experience extra feelings with something that simply doesn't even deserve for that attention to be provided so please be smart and aware.

any questions? please feel free to ask =)

-LeoHawk =) 

Thursday, April 7, 2016

Lesson of the day... working through daily issues with style

We are constantly faced with challenging situations in life, even waking up in the morning and getting going sometimes is not so easy. There is a full proof way of dealing with such things. This way is filled with self love and taking it easy.

When you are faced with something more then just a simple day to day issue or if its something simple there is only one way to go about tackling it and with a light heart push through the negative feelings and give yourself something positive to look forward to once you are done.

In my case these last days I have been faced with adversity and very challenging situations... breathing deeply and finding peace and love within my heart and finding ways to deal with it which are simply positive for me in my personal way has sent me on the way to very nice feelings within which i am very grateful for. Surrendering to what is and not making it anything more then what it is is extremely important... amplification of any issue is not good but very natural to most people... blowing thing out of proportion and having an aggravated reaction is easy... Go take the hard road... its simple to go straight up through with nothing but good feeling inside and throwing all the garbage where it belongs! Just do it and Let GO of it ;)

Be strong for yourself because no god and no other being on this planet will ever be there for you like you can be for yourself... and don't we all just want to be happy and healthy and not stressed over trivial life issues? Its up to you to classify life events in such a way that they build a positive learning base and not some pile of shit which is then so hard to clean up and get rid of.

Never allow anger or your ego to control the outcome of any day... just let go and release and be happy and if you are not happy then find something that will make you that way and go do whatever it is because we have so little time in the life. Why waste it... <3 

Tuesday, April 5, 2016

Don't Overload Yourself, Start With Something Small

Having just traveled to Indonesia for 2 weeks and india for two and a half month I find a very real issue relating to day to day life. Integration of your environment and continued strong energy output without overloading yourself.

When traveling a very real part of it is inspiration and the fresh air so to speak which gives new energy to your life true purpose. Upon return however it is easy to slip into old mentality and old patterns of actions which before were not conducive to your daily life. Its time to tackle this issue.

Its not easy to find a balance in culture shock and especially if like me, you get sick from being in transit for over 30 hours but there is a silver lining. Always remember that it takes around 7 days to come to terms with new surroundings and atmospheres. During this time if you can take it slow, allow yourself time to come into resonance with the space so familiar but new at the same time. Pushing yourself too hard may result in more sickness and weakness in the body as it is putting out all its energy into traveling long distances and not being able to turn off at the right times to recharge.

Basically let go and do softly what usually you would do normally and that should already help.

Keeping an optimistic attitude while not being able to do got to the gym isn't as easy but finding tasks to do which can be done start to finish is important and even if only one task can be done its already a victory. This feeling leads to more energy and a better feeling and progress to a healthier you faster.

This is also relative to any situation where weakness and laziness or a real impairment is being healed. Always the first step is to do some thing little but something that is a complete and attainable task or accomplishment. The best simplest example is: If you can't walk then fight to take just one step, If you can't talk just try to make any sound, If you can't workout out or run even a 5 minute walk is already something.

First Post: Introduction

In Life there are moments that test us on a daily basis. From the simplicity of getting up and getting yourself to do something other then what comforts you or the complexity of deciding your life's fate and destiny within that same simple single move... Life is meant to be simple but easy it is not... atlas not at first when you was up to that reality.

We constantly have battles of ego and mind versus feeling and heart, we look for simple and easy ways to go about things and find easy ways to run away from ourselves because we constantly allow ourselves to live in fear and in judgement of others as well as our own ability to inflict wounds upon ourselves because of our underlying nature to hurt ourselves in order to achieve some kind of true feeling within ourselves that say "I am Alive!!! I CAN change!!! Now that I'm Finally Broken i can rebuild myself to my best ability and become a different me."

Part of the purpose of this blog is to reflect upon a multitude of day to day life happenings and to understand in experience and action how to sustain a attitude of gratitude and general success in life and simply feeling good and wholesome. I will be incorporating my own experiences as well as whatever life offers to show me and teach me i shall share with you in humble hopes that there is a reflection of you somewhere in there and it helps you see the light that is already there but you just forgot about it.

My Name is Leo. I am 33 years old and live in San Francisco, California, USA (Originally emigrated from Ukraine in 1992) and my personal goal is to grow the Shaman part of me which shares to heal others therefore bringing healing to myself in the process and creating a sort of symbiosis which always goes full circle by being of service yet expecting nothing in return but good feeling and results.

Thank you for reading. More to come.