Wednesday, April 13, 2016

doubts and useless feelings...

Very often we enter a trend of thought where we start judging our own actions and putting blame on either our selves or our surroundings. This to me is called true weakness of heart and mind or having too much free time on your hands.

In my humble opinion, if you have enough time to speculate upon your own actions then you are a boring person who does their best to keep the and occupied. This is simply weak behavior and the remedy is to switch to thinking about something else or to do whatever it takes short of obvious retarded actions to switch attention from B.S. thoughts to positive and productive ones!

Its easy to fall into lower vibration and allow weakness to come into the picture... but really it feels a million times better to shift attention and be in full control of your self in the most literal way!

Finally, it is useless to doubt or to worry or tow just experience extra feelings with something that simply doesn't even deserve for that attention to be provided so please be smart and aware.

any questions? please feel free to ask =)

-LeoHawk =) 

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