Thursday, April 7, 2016

Lesson of the day... working through daily issues with style

We are constantly faced with challenging situations in life, even waking up in the morning and getting going sometimes is not so easy. There is a full proof way of dealing with such things. This way is filled with self love and taking it easy.

When you are faced with something more then just a simple day to day issue or if its something simple there is only one way to go about tackling it and with a light heart push through the negative feelings and give yourself something positive to look forward to once you are done.

In my case these last days I have been faced with adversity and very challenging situations... breathing deeply and finding peace and love within my heart and finding ways to deal with it which are simply positive for me in my personal way has sent me on the way to very nice feelings within which i am very grateful for. Surrendering to what is and not making it anything more then what it is is extremely important... amplification of any issue is not good but very natural to most people... blowing thing out of proportion and having an aggravated reaction is easy... Go take the hard road... its simple to go straight up through with nothing but good feeling inside and throwing all the garbage where it belongs! Just do it and Let GO of it ;)

Be strong for yourself because no god and no other being on this planet will ever be there for you like you can be for yourself... and don't we all just want to be happy and healthy and not stressed over trivial life issues? Its up to you to classify life events in such a way that they build a positive learning base and not some pile of shit which is then so hard to clean up and get rid of.

Never allow anger or your ego to control the outcome of any day... just let go and release and be happy and if you are not happy then find something that will make you that way and go do whatever it is because we have so little time in the life. Why waste it... <3 

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