Tuesday, April 5, 2016

Don't Overload Yourself, Start With Something Small

Having just traveled to Indonesia for 2 weeks and india for two and a half month I find a very real issue relating to day to day life. Integration of your environment and continued strong energy output without overloading yourself.

When traveling a very real part of it is inspiration and the fresh air so to speak which gives new energy to your life true purpose. Upon return however it is easy to slip into old mentality and old patterns of actions which before were not conducive to your daily life. Its time to tackle this issue.

Its not easy to find a balance in culture shock and especially if like me, you get sick from being in transit for over 30 hours but there is a silver lining. Always remember that it takes around 7 days to come to terms with new surroundings and atmospheres. During this time if you can take it slow, allow yourself time to come into resonance with the space so familiar but new at the same time. Pushing yourself too hard may result in more sickness and weakness in the body as it is putting out all its energy into traveling long distances and not being able to turn off at the right times to recharge.

Basically let go and do softly what usually you would do normally and that should already help.

Keeping an optimistic attitude while not being able to do got to the gym isn't as easy but finding tasks to do which can be done start to finish is important and even if only one task can be done its already a victory. This feeling leads to more energy and a better feeling and progress to a healthier you faster.

This is also relative to any situation where weakness and laziness or a real impairment is being healed. Always the first step is to do some thing little but something that is a complete and attainable task or accomplishment. The best simplest example is: If you can't walk then fight to take just one step, If you can't talk just try to make any sound, If you can't workout out or run even a 5 minute walk is already something.

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